The Girl Who Faded Away
Syracuse, 756
The Trapper Trap – The Rise of Princess Glamourite
Warsaw Ghetto
Serial Killer

Thank you for considering “The Girl Who Faded Away” for your distinguished film festival. This project unites remarkable elements to pay homage to the musical genius of Tom Guernsey. 

Cineplay International Film Festival Award Winner for March 2024 By :Alessandro Giudice

In a scheme to find her true love, Sabrina is on a mission. Mr. Boom a reggaetón music manager is just the man to lead her on the road to

Documentary short film which takes as its subject the tragic story of the Warsaw Ghetto during 1940-1943 in which the oppressed Jewish population staged a revolt against their captors on

A modern-day serial killer stalks Los Angeles, California, including Hollywood and its environs in 2024. By :dovid loew

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Best Short Film

by - Nina Crane